At Downtown Academy we believe there should be no financial barrier between any child and the opportunity to obtain their highest level of academic achievement. We also believe it is the parent’s responsibility to educate their children (Pro. 22:6). The board of Downtown Academy is committed to raising scholarship funds to make a private education work for every family’s budget.

Scholarships are made available by donations from those who believe in the mission and children of Downtown Academy. In an effort to be faithful stewards to our stakeholders, scholarships will only be available to children and families who are fully participating in the activity and mission of Downtown Academy. Scholarships are based entirely on household income and the number of individuals supported in the classroom.

Tuition at Downtown Academy is $6,500 per student per year. In 2013, 17 children received scholarships to attend Downtown Academy. Since then, Downtown Academy has awarded over $1,000,000 in need-based scholarships to over . Each child who attends Downtown Academy is eligible to receive up to 98% scholarship.