An excellent education is costly, but we believe there should be no financial barrier between any child and the opportunity to obtain their highest level of academic achievement.




An excellent education is costly. It is costly because it is valuable. Providing your child with a high quality education that will prepare them to succeed anywhere they go is a gift of immeasurable worth. We and many others want to help provide your child with that gift. We want to remove the economic barrier that keeps so many children from that gift.

We strive to ensure every child who attends Downtown Academy will qualify for a scholarship to make tuition work for any budget.

Annual Tuition at Downtown Academy before Scholarship: $7,200

Average Annual Tuition at Downtown Academy after Scholarship: $220 (2019-20)

“The scholarship program and Downtown Academy have been the best thing for my family!”

— Downtown Academy Parent




Each child who attends Downtown Academy is eligible to receive up to 98% scholarship based on house-hold income and the number of individuals supported in the home.

Income-based scholarships are available for any applicant. Our scholarships remove the economic barrier between many children and a private education.

Scholarships are made available by donations from those who believe in the mission and children of Downtown Academy. In an effort to be faithful stewards to our stakeholders, scholarships will only be available to children and families who are fully participating in the activity and mission of Downtown Academy. Scholarships are based entirely on household income and the number of individuals supported in the classroom.

Nearly $1.8 million in need-based scholarships have been awarded to Downtown Academy students.

Scholarships and Tuition

Scholarships can cover up to 98% of tuition (based on household income).