I love the small classrooms and the one-on-one time my child can have with the teachers.
— Downtown Academy Parent

Academic Focus: Downtown Academy maintains a keen focus on reading and math instruction.  By building these foundational skills, students are better able to perform in other academic subjects like social studies and science which are embedded in the reading and math curriculum.

Reading:  In kindergarten through second grade, Downtown Academy students learn foundational skills through the Superkids reading program.  This core literacy program teaches language arts skills using highly motivating characters and materials and rigorous instruction.  Superkids combines phonics, reading, fluency, and writing into a comprehensive language arts program.

In 3rd-5th grade, students transition from a phonics-based reading program to Journeys, a literature-based program.  Students are challenged to move beyond reading into a deep exploration of the text. Journeys is a comprehensive program that utilizes literary and informational texts to acquire foundations for reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Math:  In kindergarten through fifth grade, students at Downtown Academy learn to be strategic mathematical problem solvers through the Math in Focus program.  Math in Focus uses research-based strategies to teach critical thinking skills using a Singapore approach. The lessons are structured so that students have a chance to explore problems using technology and manipulatives, practice new skills, and then extend their learning to solve real-world problems.

Bible: All classrooms at Downtown Academy are centered around Biblical truths, helping our students build a foundation of truth that is used to grow them in knowledge, character, and purpose.

Music: Students at Downtown Academy receive music instruction once a week. Our curriculum is rooted in foundational musical principles and language, with exploratory branches into the relationships between music and culture, expression, and other art forms like dance and film. Students are equipped to both appreciate and perform music of various styles and origins, both vocally and instrumentally, while learning the unique value of music in both sacred and secular settings.

Art: Students at Downtown Academy explore Art and Art History through drawing, painting, and three-dimensional projects. Students gain knowledge of color theory, shapes, and famous works of art. Through Art, students grow in character through creative problem-solving, perseverance in mistakes, and communication skills. The Art curriculum strives to give each student a purpose in art-making: to glorify our ultimate Creator and His beautiful works.

Extracurricular Activities


After School Program

An After School Program is offered to Downtown Academy students at no additional fee. After School runs daily from 3:30-5:00, during which time children can work on homework, play outside, or participate in various After School clubs.

Falcons Sports

Because Downtown Academy is an initiative of Downtown Ministries, each Downtown Academy student is eligible to participate in the Downtown Falcons sports programs.