Mission: what we do

Downtown Academy seeks to provide an excellent and rigorous Christ-centered education that builds knowledge, character and purpose.

Vision: what we hope to see

Downtown Academy serves as a division of Downtown Ministries, which seeks to bring personal, family and community renewal by reaching Athens youth and their families with the Christian gospel and equipping them for a life of meaning, purpose and joy.

Values: how we work

Christ-centered encouragement: We seek to encourage others with the same encouragement we have received from God in Jesus Christ.

Consistent relationships: We seek to build organic and authentic relationships that extend beyond the school day and year, demonstrating the consistent love that God has for us in Jesus Christ.  

Teaching excellence: We seek to effectively teach and equip our learners with the knowledge and wisdom to live with meaning, purpose and joy.

Individual attention: We seek to understand each student’s life circumstances and background to reach them with the specific support and encouragement they need.

Love in word and deed: We seek to love others with integrity that is demonstrated by what we say and what we do.

Sacrificial service: We seek to love and serve others genuinely from the heart, even when that service comes at a cost.

Continuous growth: We seek to encourage each other to continuously grow into the men and women God desires us to be.

Biblical worldview: We seek to educate and equip others to apply the truth of the Bible to all areas of their lives.



Our Story

Downtown Academy began as an initiative of Downtown Ministries as a way to better reach and equip the children of inner-city Athens. After years of building relationships with the families in the community through sports and after-school programs, Downtown Ministries realized that they needed to address the educational needs among the children in the community.

So, in 2013, Downtown Academy opened its doors to 17 K-1st graders. The school continued to grow and added one grade level per year.

In 2014, Downtown Academy added an After School Program.

In 2015, Downtown Academy became accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

In 2018, Downtown Academy graduated its first class of 5th graders.

Currently, Downtown Academy serves nearly 70 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.